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As the “crazy” guy behind the in-memory / out-of-container acceptance testing on a number of java/.net projects, I think it’s important I explain to people the “Why” and the forces / constraints I am trying to balance. But first I want to quickly lay down my beliefs and values:

  • I believe in testing as much as possible (UI included)
  • I believe tests must add more value than they cost (Measure it!)
  • I value tests that are fast and are resilient to change more than tests that take a long time to run and are brittle.
  • When refactoring a feature I value acceptances tests and integration test over unit tests.
  • When designing/exploring a new interface / object interaction I value unit tests over acceptance tests to help guide me.
  • I believe that QA’s are so much better at finding bugs than DEVs but worse at writing code / abstractions

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