Wat? Scala

As I got quoted recently in “Scala — 1★ Would Not Program Again” I though I finally should write up a little Wat moment we had recently: So does anyone know “wat” the following Scala code returns? (Value and Type) List(1,2,3).toSet() A Set<Int> containing 1,2,3? Nope how about I give you a clue, there are […]

Mercurial settings

[extensions] hgext.bookmarks = rebase = hgext.purge = color = [ui] username = Daniel Worthington-Bodart [merge-tools] meld.executable = meld meld.args = $local $base $other -o $output [auth] google.prefix = code.google.com google.username = ********** google.password = ********** google.schemes = http https [alias] pull = pull –rebase nuke = !$HG revert –all –no-backup ; $HG purge

Setting the Default Schema with Oracle JDBC Driver