UPDATE: Bitmain did eventually respond and fix mine and others orders but it took 8 days without any response in between.

Quite a few people have recently purchased L3+ miners using LTC. (Previous orders using BTC have worked fine). Bitmain are taking the money but not updating the order status.

Their support is not responding to tickets apart from just saying please wait longer (it’s been 4 days for me)

The problem is the orders expire in 1 hours and they are don’t appear to either be updating the orders for the limited batch or refunding people their payments.

There are also reusing payment addresses which will make working out who payed for what very hard as you will have customer payments to the same address.

Have a look down at the comments here and here

You can see the payment wallet address reuse here

The final wallet is here (probably BitMain but it looks like it goes through a mixing service so it might not be)

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